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    Hi, my elephant ear betta has not been moving much for over a week. From an extremely active fish (usually likes rubbing my hand whenever I put or move stuff within the tank). It was a rather drastic change but it seems to be getting worst. I tried fasting, did 100% water change (using e-spring filter), temp is between 26 – 28 degrees celcius, added bettafix, betta vit & catappa leaves the first round, did another 100% water change after 6 days but used velvetfix & catappa leaves and just did another 100% after 6 days. His colour hasn’t really changed just noticed that he seems to be struggling to swim up. His contantly resting on a live plant leaf very close to the surface (small part of his head is above the water – guess it’s easier for him to get air). I don’t know what to do anymore as i don’t see much improvement. When he became less active, he usually would still swim up to me when it’s feeding time. Now i literally need to put food right in front of his face or he won’t move. Please help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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