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    I cannot find this answer anywhere online. Please tell me if my reasoning is correct. I got my daughter a female betta fish from a big box pet store 3 weeks ago and it died a few days ago. I noticed it was getting more and more stressed as time went by, but we were trying to rule out and remedy whatever it was that was stressing her. We changed the water and used water conditioner. We had a soft betta filter and a betta heater and had plenty of places for her to hide. She was not interested in food the entire time we had her. I noticed when the light in the tank was turned on, the entire inside of the tank was reflective and she would flare up like bettas do with the daily exercise with mirrors. The exercise task is only meant for 15-30 minutes or so, though, right? Not all day long. We changed the water again and added two plants for her to have more hiding places and those beneficial bacteria beads and tried a different fish food. We turned the light off and added a background to keep her from seeing her reflection anymore. We thought she was better after just a day, but then found her dead a few mornings ago. I am about to go buy another betta but do not want to do anything wrong this time. Is it possible the betta was sick to begin with? SHe was not interested in food from the beginning and we never saw her poop. Was she just stressed for too long and we didn’t fix it in time? Was the heater not doing its job? What did we miss? In addition to buying a fish today, I was going to also buy a thermometer and water test strips and maybe a snail to help keep the tank cleaner. It was not visibly dirty at all and the filter really seemed to work well, but at this point I am grasping at straws.

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    Betta Care

    With new bettas, there can always be a whole bunch of reasons for them dying suddenly! The shock of the new tank alone can be the cause, so you should make sure you’re buying them from a reputable source to reduce the chance of this happening.

    In regards to flaring, ideally you don’t want them to be flaring for more than a couple of minutes at a time as this can stress them massively.

    Here’s an article, giving a complete run-down on new betta fish that you’ll definitely find helpful!

    Betta Fish Care (The Complete 1-Page Guide!)

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