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    Hello! I saved a male betta from from a PetSmart about a year and a half ago and I have managed to keep him alive all this time! Our local tropical fish store guy said that I could add crayfish to his 8 gallon tank, but it didn’t work out since my betta likes to be on both the top and bottom of the tank and the crayfish tried to eat my betta. I have since put them in a separate tank. In your article you had listed the best tank mates for 5 gallon and 10 gallon tanks, so I’m wondering which I should look into for getting a tank mate for an 8 gallon tank with a male betta who likes to be both on the top and bottom. This is a tall, vertical tank by the way, instead of a standard rectangular horizontal tank. Also, let me know if you know of any good tank mates for my crayfish in their 10 gallon tank. Thanks!!!

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    Hey! thanks for the question. Unfortunately, I think the best you’d be able to get in an 8-gallon tank is probably going to be shrimp or snails. Mainly because any other fish you could add are schooling fish, so keeping them in groups would overstock your tank.

    If you could swap the tanks the betta and the crayfish are in around, then you could put some corydoras in the tank with him and quite a few species of rasbora as well!

    But if you plan on keeping your crayfish in the 10 gallon, then you could also add some guppies to it, to give it a lot more color!

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