What Is Betta Care Fish Guide?

If you’ve purchased a betta and you’re looking for answers you’ll notice that everyone on the internet has advice they want to give. While some of it is great, some of it isn’t. In fact, some of it can even be harmful to your betta. Betta Care Fish Guide was originally created to help gather all the correct information about bettas, into one place. So you have your very own encyclopedia about bettas whenever you need it! However, it has now been expanded to cover all types of fish care! Whether it be, tropical, freshwater or pond!

Who’s Behind Betta Care Fish Guide?

Hi, I’m Nicolas. And I’m the writer behind Betta Care Fish Guide! I absolutely love betta fish. When I first started caring for bettas I had no idea what I was doing and was extremely confused by some of the conflicting information that I found online. So I decided to start my own website that would help new betta fish keepers to keep their betta happy and healthy!

In fact, I’ve been looking after bettas and all kinds of aquatic life now for over 5 years! And in that time I’ve learnt so much I can’t wait to share with you!

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What I’d Love From Readers?

If you’ve read some of the articles on Betta Care Fish Guide or you have a question that still hasn’t been answered then I’d love it if you left a comment on any post with your question. That way I can get back to you as soon as possible.

But most importantly, I think it’s important for all betta owners to do everything they can to keep their betta happy, and I hope this website helps you to do that!

What Betta Do I Have

Dwayne Johnson

This is my betta, Dwayne Johnson. He’s a Black Crowntail betta who shares his tank with two corydoras and three Amano shrimp.

Dwayne like all bettas has a lot of abnormal behavior. Sometimes you’ll find him asleep in his java fern tree, and other times he’ll just be lying on the substrate. But the moment food is added to the tank he swims straight to the top to begin eating!

What Next!

Read through the website! Learn about different tank mates you can keep with your betta as well as how to care for them, and most importantly, make sure you and your betta have a great day!

And if you have any questions you can get in contact by commenting on any article or emailing bettacarefishguide@gmail.com