Understanding Angelfish Kisses: Love in the Aquarium?

Angelfish are known for their unique behavior of “kissing” or nuzzling each other. This behavior involves two angelfish pressing their mouths together, which can appear as though they are kissing. While this is typically harmless, it can sometimes escalate into aggression and harm your fish. Understanding the reasons behind angelfish kissing and how to distinguish … Read more

How To Acclimate A Fish & Why You NEED To!

How To Acclimate A Fish & Why You NEED To!

Acclimating your fish to its new environment is a critical step in ensuring its health and happiness in your aquarium. Whether you’ve just brought home a new fish from the store or received a shipment, proper acclimation can make all the difference in helping your aquatic pets settle into their new home. This article covers … Read more

Best Betta Fish Tanks

Best Betta Fish Tanks: Top 5 For 2024 And Beyond

If you’re wondering what the best betta fish tank is then you’ve come to the right place! Bettas are some of the most beautiful and peaceful pets you will ever own. They’re great for many reasons: you don’t have to clean up poo, you can enjoy their beauty nearly anywhere in your home, and they … Read more

14 Signs Your Fish Is Dying & Is It Suffering?

Not sure if your fish is dying or not? If so, you’ve found the right article! Not only will you find out if your fish is dying or not, but you’ll also find out whether it’s possible to save them or not, depending on what’s wrong with them! With that being said, keep reading to … Read more