4 Reasons Your Guppy Has Disappeared & What It Means

Guppies are well-loved fish to keep as pets due to their calm temperament and beautiful appearance. They are said to be strong fish that are simple to take care of. However, guppies have a weird habit of disappearing, leaving many guppy owners stumped. 

Part of being a responsible pet owner is knowing the habits of your pet and knowing how to remedy common problems they may endure. For guppies, they can disappear or hide due to how small they are. If you encounter this problem with your guppies, there are some important things to know before you panic.

So Why Has Your Guppy Disappeared?

It may be unfathomable that a fish can just disappear, but it is possible. For guppies, it can be common. A few reasons why your guppy may have disappeared could be: 

They Passed Away And Got Eaten

It’s sad to think about, but if your guppy passed away, it’s possible that it could have been eaten. If you have shrimp or snails in the tank, they can eat up dead fish pretty quickly. Similarly, other fish sometimes eat dead fish. 

They Are Stuck In Your Ornaments

Guppies are pretty small and can hide easily. If you have decorations, be sure to lift them and check in any crevice or hole for your guppy. 

They Got Stuck In A Part Of The Tank

Fish can sometimes get into the filter or pump of your tank or aquarium and then get stuck. Unfortunately, this can cause them to die if they aren’t located and removed quickly. Be sure to check these areas thoroughly. 

They Were Sick 

Guppies are prone to getting ill and catching things like fin and tail rot or other infections. This can cause their body parts to essentially disintegrate. 

What Does It Mean If My Guppy Is Hiding?

With guppies being such small fish, it’s quite easy for them to hide. That being said, if your guppy keeps hiding, it could be a sign of something abnormal. 

Some reasons your guppy could be hiding include: 

They Are Stressed Out 

Your guppy could be stressed out for a number of reasons. Guppies mate quickly, meaning your tank can get overcrowded easily. They may also be experiencing aggression from other fish if you have multiple species in one tank. Your guppy could be hiding to get away from everyone else in the tank.

They Are Sick 

If your guppy is sick, they might hide more frequently or for longer periods of time. Depending on the reason for them being ill, it’s possible you may not even notice their behavioral change until it’s too late. 

They Don’t Like Their Environment

There are a lot of things to know about guppies and what they need to survive. For example, water with chlorine can make them sick and kill them. They also can’t survive in cold water. If they are unhappy with their living conditions, they may be more prone to hiding. 

There Is Too Much Light

Guppies love light, but not continuous light. They might hide from the light if they are trying to rest and want a dark space to do so. Be sure to turn off the light sometimes so your guppies can relax. 

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Finding Your Missing Guppy

As soon as you glance at your aquarium or tank and notice you can’t find your guppy, there are a few things you should do to try and locate them. 

Search The Surrounding Area

The first thing you should do once you notice your guppy disappeared is to look around the area surrounding your aquarium. You want to ensure that there is no way it could have escaped the aquarium. Guppies are good jumpers, so it is possible that your guppy has jumped out of the tank and that’s why you can’t find them. 

Search Every Crevice Thoroughly

Guppies are great hiders, so being as thorough as possible with checking every decoration and piece of your aquarium is essential. It is also good to check under any sand or rocks in case they have burrowed themselves at the bottom of the tank.

Test The Water

If a fish has died, there are things that will change in the water to alert you to this. It is essential to keep your water clean since guppies produce a lot of waste. Typically, ammonia levels will rise in the tank if a fish has died recently. 

Any fish is a fun pet, but they require work to keep them well. It’s important to ensure that, before getting guppies, you know how to keep their environment clean. It’s also good to know what other types of fish they are compatible with in case you already have others. While you can’t prevent everything, these tips are your best bet to keep your guppy from disappearing.

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