Best Betta Fish Toys To Keep Your Betta Happy!

Last Updated on 2024-06-11

In this article, we will talk about the best betta fish toys for your tank. After all, bettas need to have some fun and be stimulated. Given that they cannot be housed together (they are called Siamese Fighting Fish after all), you have to find some ways to keep them entertained.  

This is where our helpful article comes into play. We will talk about good toys and decor for your betta tank, and what to avoid. Then, we will talk about five great products and list the pros and cons of each one.  

All the products we chose are highly reviewed and loved by other betta fish owners, so shop with confidence. If you’re ready to get started, let’s dive right in.  

What To Look For When Purchasing Betta Fish Toys? 

The cool thing about Betta toys is that they are quite simplistic in nature, and it is really cute to see that such simple things can bring so much joy to your beautiful fish. These fish are intelligent and curious, and they love having simple toys to play around within their tanks.  

Some of the toys even feature a relaxation purpose, for example, the fun leaf hammock!  

Your primary goal is to look for fun and safe betta fish toys that promote a purpose, like exercise, rest, or natural instincts (like hiding). These toys should also be from reputable companies and be free of harmful chemicals or dyes that could hurt your fish, as well as sharp edges.  

Aquarium Plants Are Fun Betta Fish Toys 

So, you may say, “A plant is not a toy.” Well, have you ever climbed a tree or walked on a log as if it were a balance beam? How about jumped into a pile of leaves?  

Yes, plants can be toys, and bettas will show you how! 

They give your betta a nice safe place to hideout. They help produce oxygen if you are using live plants.  

(Some great plants include, java fern, java moss, betta bulbs and anubias.)

Fake plants make fun, little toys too. Bettas can nip at them or hide among them. The key with plastic plants is to be sure they are free of sharp edges. You can use silk plants to be extra safe.  

(Find out the best plants for betta fish.)

Laser Pointers Promote Exercise 

You can find about one million Youtube videos of cats and dogs chasing laser pointers around. But did you know that betta fish love these things too?  

No joke! You can really use a laser pointer to exercise your betta. Just don’t do it too much, you don’t want to stress him out.  

Ethical and safe laser pointers are available for use with your betta. My favorite one and included it in our product reviews, check it out! 

Leaf Hammocks Promote Relaxation 

Did your betta tire himself out getting at that laser pointer? If so, get him his own little leaf hammock to relax. 

Zoo Med 

Zoomed makes a nice leaf hammock that you simply put near the top of the water to help your betta fish relax. I’ve made sure to include it in our reviews of betta fish toys! 

It attaches using a suction cup and features a large leaf perfect for resting.  

It makes a comfortable and safe place for your betta to regroup after play. He can also nip at the plastic leaf for added fun.  

Logs Promote Natural Instincts 

Betta fish like to build bubble nests, sleep, and play in safe spaces. A floating log is one betta fish toy you can add to your tank to give your fish his own little safe place to relax.  

Your fish feels safe inside, but there is a hole on either end of the log, so you can always see what he is doing in there.  

There is also a feeding hole on top of most logs, so you can drop in the food without bothering him.  

In sum, the floating betta log is a nice way for your fish to explore and enjoy himself but still be seen by you.  

There are also sinking ceramic betta logs available, too. These logs sit on the tank’s floor and look great, but also provide your fish some much-needed shelter and safety. You might find him swimming through the log like a tunnel, or just resting inside as a place to relax.  

Moss Balls Promote Hunting  

In the wild, your Siamese fighting fish is always poking at the surface, trying to find insect larvae in the plants that rest on top of the water’s surface.  

These moss balls take your betta fish back to the wild, and they’re very easy to set up. They keep your betta’s attention and give him something to do.  

Do not squeeze it when you drop it in, as it could become waterlogged and fail to float. Their sharp green color looks so realistic, and your fish is guaranteed to get a kick out of it.  

(Find out more about marimo moss balls.)

Ping Pong Balls Are Gentle And Cheap 

A toy that’s cheap, fun, safe, and entertaining? Count us in. Ping pong balls located at the surface of your betta’s cage are a surefire way to keep him, and you entertained.  

These balls float on the surface and are similar to the plants he would nip at in the wild in this respect. So go ahead, get some ping pong balls, rinse them off, and then put them into your betta’s tank. He will love nipping at it, and you will love watching him go for it.   

Betta Hoops Promote Exercise 

A betta fish toy you should invest in are betta hoops. They’re fun hoops for your betta to swim through, and their flowing, beautiful fins make them look cool when they do it. You can get these hoops attached to an aquarium figurine (we found one shaped like a mermaid), and your betta fish will enjoy swimming through them. However, do read reviews, some types are a lot safer than others.

What To Avoid When Purchasing Betta Fish Toys 

Curious about what to avoid when you shop for betta fish toys? Take a look at our list and consider yourself educated on what to stay away from! 

Sharp Edges 

Sometimes, we might find a cool rock or shell out walking on the beach, take it home, sanitize it, and put it into the fish tank. We might even find a neat looking ornament on the shop shelves, buy it without inspecting it, and install it in the tank. 

Then, we feel upset when fish end up with abrasions or ripped fins.  

Sure, some stuff we find in nature and even store shelves might look fun. But, you should avoid anything that has a sharp edge. You can visually inspect for sharp edges, or wear a winter glove and gently run your finger on the object. If the glove catches, chances are it’s much too sharp for your fish and should be filed down carefully or simply put back.  

Rocks, Shells or Coral 

If you are fortunate to live near a beach, or you go on vacation to a beach, you may think you are being thoughtful by bringing your betta a souvenir.  

While it is a nice gesture, this should NOT be done. Why? Firstly, bettas are freshwater fish. Shells and coral will add unnecessary calcium to their tanks.  

This leads to changes in your water’s makeup and can be unsafe for your betta.  

PH changes can occur as a result of adding seashells. This makes the tank harder to maintain and may make your fish sick.  

Sand From The Beach 

Sand in the tank seems great. After all, fish are surrounded by sand in the ocean, so it makes perfect sense, right? And your betta could really benefit from a change of scenery, right?  

Sand is fine as a substrate for betta fish, and it’s a nice, soft place for them to relax. However, beach sand is NOT a good idea because it is dirty and polluted, and can harm your fish.  

Sure, the signs say, “No dogs allowed,” but you know some dogs have gone to the bathroom on that sand, not to mention seagulls and other animals. Let’s not even get into the food, and garbage people tend to drop onto the beaches.  

If you would like to include sand for your betta to enjoy, it’s best to buy clean tank sand from Amazon or a local fish store for the best results and health of your betta fish. 

Metal Objects 

Fish items sold on Amazon or the pet stores are not made of metal, so you don’t have to watch out for that. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t add metal to your tank. It might sound like a good idea to create a tank with a “sunken ship” or similar theme and add a metal piece to make it look realistic. However, this is not a good idea for entertaining your betta fish.  

Metal releases toxins into the water, which can really harm your fish, and on top of that, metal rusts.  

Poorly Reviewed Products 

Make sure you read EVERY product’s reviews before you buy it. Sometimes products change over time and have positive reviews from years ago, whereas others have bought a newer and lower quality version of the product.

Keep your wits about you and make sure to read others’ reviews as you shop around. No matter how cool something looks, it is not likely that your fish will be the exception to the rule on a poorly reviewed item.  

What Are The Best Betta Fish Toys?

Now you know what makes a good toy and what makes a bad toy. The next step is finding one that’s going to fit your tank! Here are some great toys to choose from.

Zoo Med Betta Leaf Hammock 

The Zoo Med Betta Leaf Hammock is a nicely priced, cute, and realistic looking leaf that your betta fish will enjoy relaxing upon. The leaf also provides a nice place for them to hide under, giving them a feeling of safety and security.

If you have a large betta tank, you can buy them in multi-packs, or just have a few around for when they eventually wear out or get algae buildup. These leaves provide a nice place for your fish to rest after a day of building bubble nests or poking at another toy on the surface, as it caters to the fish’s natural desire to do just that. 

It’s very easy to install and attaches using just a suction cup. The Zoo Med brand is one you can trust, and they make supplies for animals like reptiles, fish, and more. Your fish will absolutely love it, even if he uses it incorrectly.

One review we looked at showed the fish resting upon the suction cup instead of the actual leaf itself. No matter how your fish enjoys this, he is sure to get some happiness with this leaf. 

  • Great price 
  • Available in multi-packs 
  • No sharp edges or dangers 
  • Some users complained of rust forming on the metal ring on the leaf. 
Zoo Med Betta Bed Leaf Hammock
  • A naturalistic leaf hammock for your betta to rest on
  • Allows your betta to rest near the surface of the water like they do in nature
  • Attaches easily with suction cup (included)
  • Made in the USA

Cowjag Cat Toys, Laser Pointer

Betta fish actually really enjoy laser pointers, and this one is spot on. You can change the shape of the laser to be a spot, a butterfly, a pentagon, a mouse, or a spaceship. The product description focuses heavily on cats, but you can still have success with your betta.

This will entertain your betta fish and get his curiosity piqued, so you can play with him and have some fun watching him swim around the tank chasing this little red dot. 

You might even have the chance to take some funny videos of your betta fish chasing the dot, and amaze your friends and family with the fact that bettas enjoy going after the famous red dot just as much as cats and dogs do.

The laser pointer is rechargeable and uses a USB port to charge. There are also some different functions on the device like a UV light and infrared light. This toy is a lot of fun, but be sure you do not shine it directly into the eyes of the fish.  

  • Has a 3-hour battery life 
  • Rechargeable and has five different shapes to choose from 
  • Charges using a USB port 
  • The device is not waterproof; avoid dropping into the tank! 
Cowjag Cat Toys, Laser Pointer with 5 Adjustable Patterns, USB Recharge Laser, Long Range and 3 Modes Training Chaser Interactive Toy, Dog Laser Toy
  • 【Multi-Mode Toys】There are three modes of toys for indoor cats. The first mode (red) can be used as an interactive toy for pet dogs and cats to play and chase, and also for lectures; the third mode (white) can be used for your daily use, especially for nighttime emergencies.

Zoo Med Betta Bling Mermaid With Hoop 

This lovely mermaid attaches to the side of your betta fish’s tank, making it a betta fish toy that stays out of the way and fun for the fish. The design is beautiful and will look good in your tank without clashing with the rest of the decor.

The mermaid is just 4 inches tall, so she is not obtrusive or annoying, even if you have a smaller betta tank. The hoop is a nice way for your fish to get some exercise and entertain themselves during the day. 

Some betta fish will take right to this toy and begin swimming through the hoop right away. Others may be a little unsure of the mermaid, and it might take them time to warm up. And some fish may just use the hoop as a resting place, as one user reported her fish doing.

No matter what, it’s a fun tank decoration that will brighten up the environment and make people smile when they see it. It is also nice if you have an “under the sea” theme in your tank. 

  • Mermaid is not very tall and won’t intrude on your tank.  
  • Reasonably priced.  
  • Great way for your betta to get some rest or some exercise. 
  • Some users reported the paint chipped off the figurine after owning it for a while. 
Zoo Med Betta Bling Mermaid with Hoop Black 2 x 1 x 1 inches
  • This product is easy to use
  • This product adds a great Value
  • This product is Manufactured in China
  • Country Of Origin: China

ZooMed Ceramic Betta Log 

This is a realistic-looking log that will lend a nice natural look to your tank if you have real or even fake plants in there. There is a hole on the side, so you can see your fish playing and resting but still allow them to feel secure and have a place to hide.

The log sinks right to the bottom of the tank, which is great because you can set it up right where you want it, and your fish can enjoy it. 

The ceramic nature of the log makes it nice and easy to clean. The log measures about 4 inches long and has openings of 1.5 inches on either end. The height is about 1.5 inches tall. It’s nicely sized for your fish, but won’t crowd the tank and make it claustrophobic.

Users reported good results with their log; one user noted their betta started making bubble nests on day one. Another user posted a photo of her one-gallon bowl and how great it looked in there. No matter your setup, this betta log is going to be a real winner for you and your fish. 

  • Very fairly priced 
  • Looks great in all tank setups 
  • Your fish can feel secure and rest peacefully 
  • Some users reported sharp edges on the log-you might need to file it down before adding to your tank. 
Zoo Med Laboratories AZMFA50 Sinking Ceramic Betta Log 4.25 inche
  • Age range description: All Stages
  • Zoo Med Laboratories Sinking Ceramic Betta Log
  • Sinking ceramic log provides shelter for sleeping or hiding
  • Naturalistic looking

Elndix Moss Balls for Fish Tank 

These are a fun and natural way to bring some delight to your betta fish. Bettas are quite smart, and they love interacting with fun toys that mimic things in nature. These moss balls are one such example.

You get three in a pack, so you can place them all around your betta’s tank to give him enjoyment in all areas of the tank. They look natural and beautiful in any tank setup. We know your betta fish is going to love these cool balls, but if they don’t for any reason, Aquatic Arts does provide a money-back guarantee, just ask for a refund, and you will be granted one. 

The moss balls are manufactured with care and are checked by a three-step quality control process in which any potential pest or parasite is removed. The moss balls are also washed to remove sand and silt. Contaminants are removed from the ball, and these are sustainably sourced from Europe, plus they are free of any dyes, pesticides and other unnatural substances.  

  • These come three to a pack 
  • Very reasonably priced 
  • Completely natural, sustainable and safe for betta fish 
  • Some users complained of their fish tanks becoming brown or clouded when using the moss balls.  
Moss Balls for Fish Tank 3Pcs 1-1.5″ Aquarium Plants Freshwater Moss Ball Decorative
  • Improve Aquarium Water: The live moss balls absorb fish excrement and other impurities in the fish tank water, while producing oxygen to keep balanced


After careful review of all the betta fish toys we rounded up today, we have concluded the Ceramic Betta Log is the best of all the options. Why is this? For starters, it is a chance for your fish to get some exercise and rest all in one. It looks great in all tank setups. And, it has lots of favorable reviews from other users.  


In sum, do your best to avoid metal, sharp objects, beach sand, rocks, coral and shells, poorly reviewed toys, and wood. Stick with products that are designed for bettas and feature positive reviews! These types of toys are designed to appeal to bettas and nurture their natural instincts. They also cater to their needs to hide and feel secure at times.  

Wondering where you can find a comprehensive guide on Betta fish care on one page? Click here!

It is not hard to find great betta fish toys when you know what you are looking for. Any one of these great toys will give your betta something to enjoy and look forward to. Plus, it’s very cute watching them do the things they naturally enjoy doing! 

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