how does a sponge filter work

How Does A Sponge Filter Work?

A sponge filter is a type of mechanical filter that uses a porous sponge to trap particulate matter. Sponge filters are often used in aquariums, as they provide both filtration and aeration. How do these innovative sponge filters work? The sponge acts as a biological filter, providing a surface for nitrifying bacteria to grow. These … Read more

ammonia poisoning in goldfish

Ammonia Poisoning In Goldfish (Why It’s So Dangerous)

Ammonia poisoning can be a problem for most fish. It’s important to understand that when owning Goldfish, there is a range of things that can affect them, and we need to understand the right way of caring for them. Ammonia poisoning can be detrimental to your Goldfish, so we need to understand how it can … Read more

Dropsy In Goldfish (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention)

Dropsy In Goldfish (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention)

Do you suspect dropsy in goldfish that are in your tank right now? If you think they have dropsy, pay close attention.   We will tell you all you need to know about this goldfish affliction. It’s quite common, so don’t fret- we can help get your fish feeling better again.   What Is Dropsy in Goldfish?   It … Read more

can goldfish eat bread

Can Goldfish Eat Bread? (Caution Advised)

When there isn’t much food around the house for your goldfish, you may be wondering if it’s okay to feed them bread. In this article, not only are you going to find out whether goldfish can eat bread or not, but you’re also going to learn what type of food they should eat and great … Read more

do goldfish eat algae

Do Goldfish Eat Algae? (All FAQ’s Answered!)

Wondering whether goldfish eat algae? And more importantly, if it’s going to be good for them or not. In this article, not only will you find this out, but you’ll also learn whether you can feed your goldfish algae wafers, whether too much algae can kill your goldfish, and much much more! So keep reading … Read more

do goldfish need a heater

Do Goldfish Need A Heater? (Indoor & Outdoor)

“Do goldfish need a heater?” This is one question a lot of goldfish keepers may ask themselves when starting out. However, it isn’t as simple as a yes or no answer. In this article, you’re not just going to find out whether goldfish need heaters or not. You’ll also learn what temperature goldfish need to … Read more

do goldfish have teeth

Do Goldfish Have Teeth? (And The Reason They Need Them)

If you’re wondering whether goldfish have teeth, then you’ve found the right article! In this article, not only will you realise that they do in fact have teeth, but more importantly, why they need them, and if they can bite! So keep reading to find out everything you need to know! Do Goldfish Have Teeth? … Read more

the shocking truth about betta care

The Shocking Truth about Betta Care You Need to Know

Of course we’re gonna talk about bettas again, Siamese fighting fish.This article is an Interview of Father Fish, a Youtuber and Fish Keeper for 70 years.Let’s read his vision of Betta fish Care. Intro So many people buy Betta fish as their first fish, and for many it’s the only fish they ever have. It’s … Read more

Goldfish Turning White

9 Causes Of A Goldfish Turning White (& What To Do)

If your goldfish is turning white, then you’ve found the right article. In this article, not only will you find out all the things that could be causing your goldfish to turn white, but you’ll also learn how to treat them, as well as prevent them from going white again in the future!  So keep … Read more

Ich In Goldfish

Ich In Goldfish (How To Treat White Spot Disease)

White spot disease is probably something you’ve heard of if you’ve kept goldfish for a long time. White spot disease is the appearance of white spots on the goldfish’s skin and fins. White spot disease is caused by a parasite called Ichtyopthirius multifiliis, or simply known as “ich,” which is a nasty parasitic infection. A … Read more

Ember Tetra Care Sheet

Ember Tetra Care: Beginner To Expert Advice

If you’re looking for a way to add a burst of vibrant color and energetic life to your aquarium, Ember Tetras might be just the fish for you. But what’s the best way to care for these cute fish?  This article will guide you through everything you need to know about Ember Tetra care so … Read more

siamese algae eater care sheet

Siamese Algae Eater Care: From Start To Finish

Siamese Algae Eaters are popular freshwater fish species among aquarists because of their effectiveness in controlling algae growth in aquariums. However, just because they’re popular, don’t be fooled. Siamese Algae Eaters require proper care and attention to maintain their health and well-being in captivity.  But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll discuss the essential aspects … Read more


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