Do Betta Fish Get Excited To See You?

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It’s always nice to know that you have a good relationship with your pets, but fish can sometimes be hard to read. You might have wondered, do betta fish get excited to see you?

Betta fish are known to recognize their owners and get excited when you are around. They are reasonably intelligent fish, and they will quickly learn who is in charge of bringing them food. There are many ways to tell that your betta is happy in general, as well as happy when you are around.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about how your betta fish forms a bond with you as an owner and how to tell whether your betta fish is happy and well.

Do Betta Fish Get Excited To See You?

Not every fish is able to recognize its owners and understand the difference between the humans outside of their tanks. Betta fish, though, will definitely get excited to see you, and they will show that excitement as well!

Almost all betta fish owners report that their little friends will show visible excitement when they come around, particularly at feeding time. Of course, not every betta has the same personality, or the same level of intelligence, so your fish might not be as enthusiastic as others often are.

Why Do Betta Fish Get Excited To See You?

So, why do betta fish actually get excited when they see you? There are quite a few different reasons.

They Recognize You

Betta fish are intelligent enough to identify you and get used to your presence. They are able to become comfortable having you around and even feel happy to know that you are nearby.

They Remember You

Many aquarium fish are renowned for being forgetful, but betta fish actually have very good memories. Not only are they able to recognize you as their owner, but they will remember you, even if you are away for several weeks.

They Find You Interesting

As naturally curious animals, bettas like to explore and examine their environments, and things that move and change are much more interesting to them. You are one of the most exciting things in your betta’s life, so they like seeing you moving about and interacting with them.

They Get Bored Without You

As with many fish, bettas can get very bored without any outside stimulation, so they actually enjoy your company very much. You are a source of entertainment, and your presence provides a bit of a change to their routine.

You Can Play Together

If you interact with your betta fish in different ways, then they are more likely to get excited to see you. They will associate you with having fun and doing something a bit different, which they really enjoy.

You Bring Them Food

Possibly the most straightforward reason why your betta fish is excited to see you is that seeing you is the best part of their day – mealtime! They will quickly learn that seeing you often means it’s time for a delicious treat, and that is bound to make them happy and excited.

How to Tell If Your Betta Fish Is Happy to See You

Some signals are more obvious, but you might not always be able to tell that your betta fish is happy to see you. There are, however, several signs that they are generally living well and are comfortable in your presence.

They Come Out to See You

If they are at all anxious (or are just looking to rest), betta fish will hide in their tanks, in a place where they feel safe. If they come out of those places to greet you and look at you when you are around, then it is a good sign that they are happy to see you.

They Don’t Mind Being Close to You

In general, betta fish are pretty solitary animals, and they don’t even really enjoy being in the presence of other bettas very much. If they are comfortable being close to you when you approach their tank or even when you place your hands near the water to feed them, then it means they are happy to have you around.

They Will Feed from Your Hand

Bettas often find humans intimidating, so if your fish feels comfortable enough to eat out of your fingers, it’s a good sign that they feel happy and comfortable in your presence. However, it may take some time for them to feel confident enough to do this.

They Are Active and Swim Freely

A happy betta fish should be nice and active throughout the day. If your betta is swimming freely and comfortably, then they are probably happy and well. If they are also nice and active while you are around, that indicates that they are happy to see you.

They Have Bright, Vibrant Colors

One of the most obvious signs of a happy and healthy betta fish is their coloring. A betta that is comfortable and well looked after should be bright and vibrant.

They Build Bubble Nests

Male betta fish sometimes build bubble nests at the surface of their tank or underneath some foliage. They will only do this when they are completely comfortable and feeling happy. Not every male betta will make a bubble nest, but if you do see one, then you know that you’ve got a happy fish.

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How To Make Betta Fish Happy To See You

If you’re not seeing much excitement from your betta, don’t worry too much. They all have different personalities, and some will express their joy in different ways. With that being said, there are some things that you can do to encourage a bit of excitement out of your betta and make sure they are generally happy.

Ensure a Healthy and Varied Diet

The time when your betta fish should be most excited and happy is when they are getting fed, so if you’re not seeing any enthusiasm from them at mealtimes, perhaps you are not offering the right food. Betta fish need a varied diet that is high in crude proteins, so you should be incorporating things like live and freeze-dried food as well as pellets and/or flakes.

Make Sure Their Food Floats

Another reason your betta might not be excited to eat is if their food is not floating in the right way. Bettas are surface to mid-level feeders, so they don’t generally enjoy food that sinks too quickly to the bottom of the tank.

Choose a Larger Tank

If your betta fish is not active and excited to see you, then their space may be too small. For a single betta fish, a 5-gallon tank is the smallest that you should be considering so that they can get enough exercise and movement throughout the day to be happy and healthy.

Monitor Their Water Quality

To make sure your betta is generally happy and well, they need to be housed in the right water. Their tank should be heated to between 76 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should be kept clean with an appropriate filter.

Play With Your Betta Fish

There are many different ways to play with your betta fish that can help you to develop a stronger bond. You can drag your finger along the outside of their tank and get them to follow it, you can drop a ping pong ball into the tank for them to move around, or you can give them other toys like floating hoops and logs.

Train Your Betta Fish

You might be surprised to hear that betta fish can actually be trained, and it’s a great way to get them excited about seeing you. You can use treats like bloodworms to encourage them to swim through a hoop, search for objects in their tank, or even jump out of the water for you.


How Do Bettas Show Excitement?

Betta fish tend to show their excitement by being active and enthusiastic. They are likely to come out to greet you and will swim freely when you are around. Most importantly, though, you want to look out for signs that your fish is generally happy.

Do Betta Fish Miss Their Owners?

While betta fish may not become unhappy just because their owner isn’t around for a while, they are definitely able to recognize their owners and will remember them, even if they are gone for a few weeks.

Recap: Do Betta Fish Get Excited to See You?

So, do betta fish get excited to see you? They definitely do! It is one of the reasons why raising these wonderful fish is so rewarding. Betta fish can recognize their owners, and having you around can make them very happy.

Betta fish get excited to see you because they find you interesting and entertaining, and you are their primary source of food. There are all kinds of ways to further develop your bond with your betta fish, from training to playing games. Most importantly, though, need to make sure that your fish is happy and healthy if you want them to be excited to see you.

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