The Ultimate Betta Tank Mate Guide

Walking through the pet store I remember looking around at all the different fish. I’d heard many people say that bettas can’t be kept with other tank mates, yet I was desperate to add more life to my tank.

The most shocking part was when I asked one of the employees in the store whether it was possible, he didn’t seem to have any idea what he was talking about. He just mumbled and stuttered, before telling me they need to be kept alone. But I didn’t believe him.

That’s when I knew I had to go home and research it for myself.The Ultimate Betta Tank Mate Guide

I spent hours sifting through forums on the internet and going from pet store to pet store, trying to piece together all the information I had found out.

And do you want to know what I learned?

That not only was it possible for bettas to live with other fish, but there were dozens of different tank mates they could live with peacefully!

So if you want to know what fish, shrimp, and snails make GREAT tank mates for your betta, then this is the e-book for you!

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What Will You Learn From The E-Book?

  • You’ll learn how to feed, breed and set up your tank for over 65 different tank mates, as well as how they’re going to behave in your tank!
  • The e-book contains over 159 pages, not just about fish that can live with your betta, but also fish that should be avoided.
  • You’ll also know how to spot an aggressive betta, and the steps you can take to slowly introduce him to tank mates.
  • On top of this, you’ll learn how to spot peaceful bettas that will live happily with a range of other fish.
  • Most importantly, though, you’re not just going to learn about 68 different tank mates. You’re also going to get the knowledge you need to choose tankmates for yourself.
  • And of course, you’ll learn how to introduce new fish to your betta.

But It’s Not Just About The Betta And His Tank Mates! You’ll Also Learn:

  • How to set up your tank in a way that reduces aggression in your betta.
  • Why decorations are so important in a community tank housing a betta!
  • What to do when you want to house fish that like strong currents with your betta (who definitely doesn’t).

Who Is This E-Book For?

  • If you’re new to owning bettas and you’re keen to know what tank mates they can live with, then you’re not going to find a better resource than this one!
  • And if you’re more experienced, you’re also going to get learn about new tank mates you haven’t thought of yet. As well as how to cater to both!

So stop believing the myth that bettas have to be kept alone and start adding some more life to your tank!

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And of course, if for whatever reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee! Simply buy the e-book now, and it will be delivered straight to your email!

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