Betta E-Book Bundle

Betta E-Book Bundle

If You’re Interested In Giving The Best Care To Your Betta, For A Limited Time Only, Buy Both E-Books For Just $14.99.

What You’ll Get

The Complete Guide On Caring For Your Betta

  • Your bettas diet requirements.
  • How to set up the tank to maximize your betta’s health AND happiness.
  • The best decorations and toys for your betta’s safety and entertainment.
  • The most common betta diseases and how to treat them.
  • What bubble nests are, whether you should remove them, and, why your betta may not be making them.
  • The best ways to help your bettas live as long as possible.
  • How to care for females and bettas and prevent fighting.
  • And answers to all of the most frequently asked questions!
  • Over 90 pages of in-depth information, in an easy-to-read format! So after reading it, you can easily skip back to the information you need!
Check Out The Complete Guide On Caring For Your Betta.
The Ultimate Betta Tank Mate Guide:The Ultimate Betta Tank Mate Guide

  • You’ll learn how to feed, breed, and set up your tank for over 65 different tank mates, as well as how they’re going to behave in your tank!
  • The e-book contains over 159 pages, not just about fish that can live with your betta, but also about fish that should be avoided.
  • You’ll also know how to spot an aggressive betta, and the steps you can take to slowly introduce him to tank mates.
  • On top of this, you’ll learn how to spot peaceful bettas that will live happily with a range of other fish.
  • Most importantly, though, you’re not just going to learn about 68 different tank mates. You’re also going to get the knowledge you need to choose tankmates for yourself.
  • And of course, you’ll learn how to introduce new fish to your betta.
Check out The Ultimate Betta Tank Mate Guide
Or Get The Bundle For The Discounted Price Of $14.99!

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