Is Egg Yolk Good For Betta Fry? (And How To Make It)

Egg yolk for a Betta fry is one of the healthiest foods you can give the baby fish to help them grow! Start by hard boiling an egg, then mash it into tiny pieces. Newly hatched fry have high nutritional demands, and egg yolks keep them full.

Betta fries are hungry as soon as they hatch and can easily starve if not fed right away! Eggs are a typical food in everyones’ homes, making them a great option. If you’re expecting Betta eggs to hatch soon, consider feeding them an egg yolk for the first few days of their lives.

Is Egg Yolk Good For Betta Fries?

Egg yolk is good for Betta fries during the first few days of their lives. However, you won’t want to feed them yolks after that point because they contain a lot of fat and cholesterol. Egg yolks contain plenty of nutrients, which are essential for growth.

Since fish fries grow rapidly, they need a lot of vitamins and minerals in their food. You don’t want to give them empty calories, as this can cause health issues. Overall, egg yolks contain a ton of nutrition and are very simple to prepare!

It’s also easy to prepare tiny pieces of egg yolk for Betta fries. These baby fish probably aren’t large enough to eat standard fish flakes, but they can easily nibble on yolk bits. 

How Do You Make Egg Yolks For Betta Fry?

Making egg yolks for your aquarium fries doesn’t take much time or effort on your part! All you need is an egg, a small pot, a piece of gauze, and some water. 

You can even prepare the egg in advance- it should stay fresh for a few days in the fridge.

1. Boil The Egg

You’ll first need to add water to the pan and then wait to boil. Once it’s ready, add the egg and let it cook for six to eight minutes. 

2. Let It Cool

Next, remove the pot from heat. Take the egg out using tongs and set it aside somewhere to cool. Don’t touch the egg while it’s hot!

3. Peel The Egg

You’ll need to peel the shell and take off the white inner part. You won’t need this, so you can eat it or throw it away.

4. Wrap the Egg

Next, wrap the egg in the gauze piece and squish it gently. Some yolk should be poking through the gauze.

5. Put the Egg in the Tank

Finally, hang the yolk in the tank from the gauze. You want the yolk fully submerged in the water- the Betta fry will swim to eat and feed off it.

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How Do You Feed Egg Yolks To Baby Fry?

To feed the egg yolk to the baby fry, you want to let them eat the yolk through the gauze. The gauze only allows extremely tiny pieces to make it in the water, which is safe for the babies to feed on. If you don’t have gauze, you can still feed your egg yolks to the fish using this alternative method:

1. Hard Boil the Egg

Always start by boiling the egg thoroughly. You don’t want the egg yolk to be runny or raw in any area. Most of the time, eight minutes is sufficient.

2. Combine the Yolk With Water

Next, remove the shell and white layer, then take the yolk and add it to a bowl with two cups of water. Smush the yolk with a fork and grind it apart until it combines somewhat with the water. You want the pieces to be very fine.

3. Freeze the Mixture

Take your water and yolk mixture, then pour it into an ice cube tray. Give it time to freeze- doing so allows you to store the food until your fry hatch! You can prepare the food a few days in advance so your baby fries have food right away.

4. Melt a Cube

When you need to feed the baby fries, melt one of the cubes in a small amount of water, and pour it into a spray bottle. Give it a good shake!

5. Spray the Fish Tank

Finally, open the fish tank’s lid and spray it a few times over the surface of the water. The yolk should be thoroughly smashed into the water, making for very tiny, easy-to-eat particles! Do this every day for three to six days.


In short, egg yolks are good for Betta fries! You can prepare them quickly, and your fish will have food when they need it, which is essential for their care. Remember, you won’t need to feed them yolks for more than a few days before they can move on to other food!

Most people always have eggs at home, so you won’t have to worry about running out of fry food when you need it the most. In the meantime, make sure to stock up on other fish food when your fries become adults.

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