What Is The Most Peaceful Betta Fish?

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Due to its behavioral distinctions from other Betta Fish species and its ability to be kept more comfortably in a community tank environment, Betta Imbellis is generally referred to as the ‘Peaceful Betta.’ The peaceful Betta, unlike other betta species, particularly the aggressive Betta splendens, may be kept with other calm fish. If enough tank space is provided, it can be kept in pairs or larger aquariums.

Continue reading to discover more about the Betta Imbellis, why they are called the peaceful Betta, other fish they can be tanked with, etc.

Are There Any Peaceful Bettas Species?

The Betta Imbellis is a betta fish species that many usually refer to as the peaceful Betta. The well-behaved Betta Imbellis is recognized for its more docile behavior when compared to its sibling species.

The peaceful Betta earned its name because it is considerably friendlier than most other betta species.

Unlike other betta kinds, such as the Betta Splendens, which may be highly aggressive, the peaceful Betta can be housed with other calm fish species. The Betta Imbellis may be kept in couples or even many pairs housed in larger aquariums when given ample tank room.

Why Is the Betta Imbellis Considered the Peaceful Betta?

While Siamese fighting fish vie for territory, the calm Betta appears indifferent about company. Betta Imbellis is a shy species that only shows off its most striking colors when it’s time to mate.

The Betta Imbellis’ lack of color compared to Betta Splendens and their small size may contribute to their invisibility. This invisibility hides them from their sibling species, deterring potential aggressive behavior.

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Facts About the Betta Imbellis

Origin of the Betta Imbellis

Betta Imbellis is named after the Latin-origin word “Imbellis,” which means “peaceful.” Hence, the name: the peaceful Betta.

What Is the Native Habitat of the Betta Imbellis?

Betta Imbellis, often known as the crescent Betta, is a Southeast Asian native found in Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. 

Before becoming household pets, these fish were habituated initially in ditches, marshes, and pools where water was found to be stagnant. This species will reach a maximum size of 6 cm in the wild. 

Is the Betta Imbellis the Smallest Betta Species?

Betta Imbellis are scientifically known to be one of the tiniest betta species. While males will grow up to 2 inches in length, females tend to be shorter.

Betta Fish Contain an Organ that Allows them to Absorb Oxygen from the Water’s Surface

A fish with a labyrinth, like a Betta Imbellis, will frequently ascend to the top of the aquarium and sip air from the water’s surface. This action from the fish allows oxygen to be absorbed from the air. This air is then pumped into the labyrinth organ.

How Does the Labyrinth Absorb Oxygen from the Air?

Within the labyrinth’s voids are several small maze-like portions of thin boney plates called lamellae. Ultrathin membranes that enable oxygen to pass through protect the lamellae. The blood absorbs oxygen and transports it throughout the body via the membranes.

If a labyrinth fish is discovered in an environment with little or no water, it may survive for an extended period if kept wet.

What are the Markings and Identification of the Betta Imbellis?

Betta Imbellis has iridescent blue-green scaling on its body and tail fins that resemble a red crescent. They have a minor bit of red on their other fins in addition to the deep red on their tail fin. 

The male Betta Imbellis, like other betta Fish, is more colorful and has more complicated fins than the female Betta Imbellis.

Female Betta Imbellis have a brownish hue to their bodies, and male Betta Imbellis have a blackish tinge. The brown color of the female Betta Imbellis provides greater concealing in their native environment, making it more straightforward for her to hide.

How Should One Care For Their Betta Imbellis?

Betta Imbellis are generally simple to keep if they have enough hiding spots from other fish.

A well-shaded aquarium is also beneficial to these fish since it mimics their natural environment. This can be aided by having a lot of tall or leafy plants nearby.

The water in your Betta Imbellis aquarium should be kept clean and aerated. Strong currents are unfamiliar territory for bettas. Therefore, just a mild bubbler or filter should be employed to reduce water movement. 

Bettas species like Imbellis and Macrostoma are excellent jumpers and may leap from the tank. As a result, an aquarium lid that fits tight is necessary.

What are the Necessary Water Conditions to Keep a Betta Imbellis?

Betta Imbellis may be kept in an aquarium with a temperature between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius. You’ll need to have your betta fish tank set up with a heater since this will assist you in keeping your betta fish healthy. A healthy fish extends the species’ longevity by making them less prone to illnesses and constipation.

Betta Imbellis, like other betta species, prefer somewhat acidic water. A pH level of 5 to 7 is considered appropriate. This, surprisingly, may be accomplished by using almond leaves. The almond leaves will introduce tannins into the water column and create an aquarium atmosphere like the Imbellis’ native habitat.

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What Can You Expect the Life Expectancy of a Betta Imbellis to Be? 

Betta Imbellis can survive in captivity for up to 4 years when properly cared for.

A domesticated betta fish has an average lifetime of 2–3 years. However, up to 6 years is extremely feasible. All you must do is make sure you can provide the greatest possible habitat and health for your betta fish.

What do Betta Imbellis Eat?

Betta Imbellis consume insects, larvae, and other invertebrates in their native environment. They will also feed on fallen leaf litter, although they prefer a meat-based diet. 

Betta Imbellis in captivity should be fed a high-protein, diversified diet. This will guarantee that your Betta Imbellis receives all the nutrition it requires to thrive. 

Pellets and flake meals are safe for them to consume. However, frozen or live foods such as bloodworms, daphnia, or brine shrimp should be added to their diet. These are available at most pet shops in your area.

Betta Imbellis Aggression

Although the Betta Imbellis is known as the Peaceful Betta, it may become violent and territorial in the wrong environment. If you plan to maintain your Betta Imbellis alongside other fish, ensure you have a large enough tank to hold all your fish comfortably. Choose only gentle fish that will not harass your Betta Imbellis.

Other Peaceful Fish That Can Cohabitate with Betta Imbellis

If you intend to keep your Betta Imbellis alongside other fish, ensure they have adequate areas to hide from and relax from their tankmates. 

Even though the Betta Imbellis is known for being calm, it is still a Betta, and it will become violent if it feels necessary. This is especially true if they are getting ready to spawn or guard a bubble nest.

What Are the Best Tank Mates for your Male Betta Imbellis?

Males are aggressive and possessive, and they don’t appreciate it when their personal space is breached. This limits you with fewer alternatives for tank mates, so be selective when selecting species to add to your aquarium. Males tend to be more territorial and hostile than their female counterparts and don’t like it when their personal space is invaded.

Male hostility is also heightened when other brilliantly colored fish of similar size are present. Red-colored fish should be avoided since they are known to be aggressive in the animal realm. 

Slow-moving fish are likewise not recommended since they are more prone to be attacked. Long-finned species should also be avoided since they can easily be confused for another male fighting fish and killed.

Your male Betta will get along well with any small shoaling fish that aren’t highly colored. Green-Neon Tetra, Head-and-Tail Light Tetra, Colombian Tetra, Dawn Tetra, and Black-Line Rasbora are examples of this.

What Are the Best Tank Mates for your Female Betta Imbellis?

Female bettas are frequently less territorial and vicious than male bettas. This provides them with additional options when it comes to tank mates.

You don’t have to worry about tank mates’ colors with females so you may have more vibrantly colored fish in the aquarium with them.

Females are less territorial than males. Therefore, they are less worried about other fish intruding on their territory. This allows for more of a variety of fish to be kept in the tank. This will, however, be determined by the personality of each fish since some will be more aggressive than others.

The fish you pick to cohabitate with your Betta Imbellis mustn’t be notorious for biting at other fish’s fins.

Fish that dwell tend to dwell at the bottom of the tank are good since they won’t bother or disturb your female bettas. Yoyo Loach, Clown Pleco, and Panda Cory are all instances of this.

Shoaling and fast-swimming species are also suitable for aquariums. This is beneficial if you have aggressive females who will not attack a specific target. When housed with a female Betta Imbellis, Redeye Tetra, Black-Phantom Tetra, Gold Tetra, Pristella Tetra, and Blue Tetra thrive.

Essential Facts to Consider When Housing More than one Betta Imbellis Together

Betta Imbellis may be just as hostile towards one another as other domestic Betta species. They are faster because their fins allow them to swim quicker, making pursuing a female more straightforward for the male. 

Fights are inescapable in all bettas; it’s just how the species operates. If your tank is too tiny, you will have conflicts, and if not separated, the male will kill the female.

On the other hand, if you can ensure that the tank is large enough and full of plants, you will have a good chance of harboring a pair of Betta Imbellis’ or even a small harem.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Betta Imbellis

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely When Housed in a Tank Alone?

Frustration and despair are common in betta fish. While most of them can survive in a tank on their own, they still require various enrichment, such as caverns, plants, and space to explore. 

How Much do Betta Imbellis Cost?

Betta Imbellis may cost anywhere from ten to twenty dollars per fish when purchased online. For a more vibrantly colored or marked Betta Imbellis, costs can reach as high as $60. Betta Imbellis are a popular option among hobbyists because of their gorgeous color and calm attitude.

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