Can Guppies And Angelfish Live Together? (Is It A Bad Idea?)

Are you wondering “can guppies and angelfish live together?” Unfortunately, it may not be the best idea. In this article, you’ll find out all the reasons you may want to avoid keeping the two together, the way in which it can work (sort of), and suitable tank mates you can try instead!

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Can Guppies And Angelfish Live Together?

Keeping guppies and angelfish together isn’t a good idea, and it’s best not to put them in a community tank together. Guppies are small peaceful fish, whereas angelfish are aggressive and grow to 6″ and bigger in size.

If that’s not enough of a reason for you not to consider them, here are some more reasons that you shouldn’t put the two together.

Why Should You Avoid Keeping Guppies And Angelfish Together?

Angelfish and guppies just do not go well together. There are multiple reasons it’s not a good idea to keep them in the same tank. Here are some of the main reasons that you shouldn’t.


The temperaments of both fish are completely different. And unfortunately for guppies, it doesn’t come out in their favor.

Guppies are great starter fish because they are extremely peaceful and get on well with most fish that you put in a tank with them. Unfortunately, angelfish aren’t like this. They can often be aggressive especially when other fish swim in their territory.

This will often result in bullying of one or multiple guppies. And in most cases, with no way to get away, some guppies will probably end up getting killed by the angelfish.

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Another problem is the huge size difference between the two. Guppies will only grow to about 2″ in size whereas angelfish can grow up to 6. This means there could be a huge problem for any guppy in your tank which isn’t fully grown.

Guppies aren’t the fastest swimmers, and it’s not uncommon for angelfish to see smaller guppies as a snack. So if you’re keeping smaller guppies with bigger angelfish, there’s a good chance they’ll end up being eaten.

And it’s not just the risk of the guppies being eaten either. If you’re introducing angelfish to guppies, then you may not have a tank that’s big enough for them. Angelfish should be kept in pairs, but each pair should have plenty of space away from each other. Because of this, you shouldn’t keep them in a tank smaller than 30 gallons.

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Guppy Fry Will Be Eaten

This can be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it. Guppies are livebearers and the chances are they’re going to give birth to lots of fry in your tank.

If you’re squeamish, then you might not like the idea of all the fry getting eaten (which they will). However, if you’re not, then you’ll be pleased to know they’ll make an excellent snack for your angelfish.

However, this isn’t without its problems either. Without being able to tell how much your angelfish is eating, they could wind up becoming overfed. This can cause constipation and swim bladder disease which can be fatal.

They Prefer Different Water Hardness

As well as all this, guppies and angelfish also like different levels of water hardness (although this is often overlooked). Guppies like soft water, whereas angelfish like water that is a little bit harder.

If you’re going to add them to your tank, and the water hardness isn’t up to scratch for both of them, then it’s going to increase the chance that they’ll get sick.

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How Can You Keep Them Together?

If you’re still planning on keeping angelfish and guppies together, there is a great way to do it, and other methods (that aren’t recommended). Here’s the best way to keep guppies and angelfish together.

Use A Tank Divider

You’re going to need a very big tank to do this, however, if you’re desperate to keep the two fish together then you should use a tank divider. You’ll need to find the right size for your tank, but when you do it will have fantastic results.

It will stop your fish from getting to each other, but at the same time, you’ll be able to admire both your guppies and your angelfish!

You can pick tank dividers up off Amazon.

If You Still Plan On Putting Them Together

While it’s 100% not recommended, there are still some people that are going to try anyway. If you’re going to try then here’s the best way you can ensure that your angelfish and guppies are going cohabitate. However, the chances of it working are extremely small and it’s cruel to keep them together.

But if you do, make sure you’re putting them in a very large tank (at least 50 gallons). This will help minimize the interactions between the two species and reduces the chances of the angelfish becoming aggressive.

Next, add LOTS of plants and ornaments. These are going to help break lines of sight so your guppies can more easily get away from angelfish. When your choosing plants you should choose plants that are thick enough to keep angelfish in, but not thick that he guppies can’t.

One of the best choices is java moss, however, java ferns, anubias, and hornwort can all be utilized.

And lastly, make sure you have a backup tank ready. Once again, the chances of success are going to be small keeping angelfish and guppies together. If you leave your guppies in the tank with your angelfish, then you’re giving them a death sentence.

By having a spare tank ready to go, you can just move the guppies over and keep them safe.

What Fish Can You Keep With Angelfish?

Fortunately, if you do have angelfish, it doesn’t mean you’re going to have to keep them on their own. In fact, there are plenty of fish that you can keep with angelfish successfully. Here’s what to look for.

Similarly Sized

When you’re picking fish, try to pick fish that are similarly sized. If they’re similar in size then the chances are your angelfish may think twice before attacking them. As well as this, it’s also going to be impossible for your angelfish to eat them.

The Right Aggression Levels

You should also make sure you’re putting in fish that have the right aggression levels. If a fish is too aggressive then they may end up bullying and fin nipping your angelfish. However, if they’re not aggressive enough then they’re going to end up getting bullied.

So try to stick with fish that are good community fish, but unafraid of bullies.

What Part Of The Tank They Occupy

You should also consider fish depending on the area of the tank they occupy. Angelfish like the middle and top of the tank, so if you get bottom-dwellers the chances are they won’t be interested in each other.

In fact, they’re often going to make the best tank mates for angelfish because the chances of bullying are incredibly small.

Compatible Angelfish Tank Mates

With that being said some of the most compatible tank mates for your angelfish include:

If you keep any of them in your tank, they’ll be able to hold their own against your angelfish, while keeping the tank nice and peaceful.


As you can see, angelfish and guppies do not go well together, and you should definitely avoid putting them in a tank together. The only exception to this is if you plan on using a tank divider to separate them.

There are a whole host of reasons you shouldn’t put them together, the main one being that your guppies will end up getting bullied.

Lastly, while you shouldn’t keep guppies with angelfish there are plenty of other tank mates like corydoras catfish, platies, mollies, plecos and loaches!

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    • It definitely looks like they’re not aggressive, however, remember this can change at any point. To be sure the peace stays, I’d definitely add lots more plants to the tank!

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