19 Things Betta Fish LOVE In Their Tanks

Life with a betta at home is life with an adventurous, curious, and interactive fish. This is especially the case when you make efforts to set up a betta’s tank to their preferences. So what do betta fish like in their tanks?

Since bettas are so playful and energetic, these fish can benefit from having some specific accessories in their tanks. There should be a mixture of things to play with, hide in, sleep on, and enjoy in whichever way they please. 

Best tank mates for betta fish
Best tank mates for betta fish

Do Betta Fish Like Things In Their Tank?

Betta fish are very happy having things in their tanks. Having certain items throughout their tank will make the space feel much more like home. It’s ideal that you can set up any fish’s environment to mimic their natural environment as best as possible. You can blend your own creativity and personal tastes into a setup suited to play, sleep, and exercise. 

When trying to decorate a betta fish tank, consider giving them options that reach different heights. Any objects inside their tanks should have soft, rounded edges, as anything too rough or too sharp could end up wounding them. You must also pay attention to what materials your tank accessories are made from to avoid inadvertently making your betta sick. 

Additionally, there should be spots with openings that allow bettas to swim inside safely. Bettas enjoy having shaded, darker areas to relax inside of, whether they’re looking to get in a nap or hide away from tankmates. Bettas are active, lively swimmers, and they don’t want to just swim back and forth in a tank, or they’ll get bored very easily. 

What Do Betta Fish Like In Their Tanks? 

Betta fish require proper stimulation to remain happy, which will ultimately keep them healthy for as long as possible. This includes a combination of exercise opportunities, regions to explore and play in, and areas for solitude when they need rest. There’s an assortment of things you can add to a betta tank to provide them with what they need to stay active and engaged. 

Real Aquatic Plants 

When opting for greenery inside a betta tank, your best bet is to go with real plants. Fake ones can be too rough for a betta tank, especially since their fins and gills are so delicate. There are plenty of aquatic plants that are low maintenance. 

Real aquatic plants not only offer resting spots for your betta, but they can be fun for them to play with. Additionally, real aquatic plants help keep oxygen in the water and clear out bad bacteria. There are many types of aquatic plants, but bettas do have their favorites.  

Indian Almond Leaves

Dried Indian almond leaves, also known as catappa, are great sources of rest and fun in a betta tank, but they also help keep water free from bacteria and other contaminants. Bettas seem to like to use these leaves as hammocks, which is adorable to watch.

White Betta fish underwater in an aquarium against a backdrop of plants, corals and marine life pink and purple colors. Betta Splendens. Multi-Color Fancy Siamese Fighting Fish.

Moss Balls

Moss balls are small, green balls that are also great oxygenators and water cleaners. Bettas seem to enjoy pushing these balls around like toys in their tanks as well. They are soft, so they can serve as resting spots for these fish too. These balls can be anchored to the bottom of the tank or can float around, as they’re light enough that they won’t hurt your betta. 

Tall Aquatic Plants 

Placing some tall aquatic plants in the back of your tank creates dimension in the tank, as well as places for your betta to swim back and forth through. They can also provide shelter for bettas who want to rest away from the rest of their tank mates. 

Water Sprite

Water sprites float around the top of the tank, so they don’t take too much space away from the rest of your betta’s setup. Water sprites can be fun for your bettas to swim around and play with. Water sprite has very soft, thin leaves that won’t scratch your betta’s fins or gills as they swim through it. 

Floating Logs

Floating logs are decorations modeled after logs with some type of entry and exit point. They sit along the water and can offer bettas various forms of entertainment and shelter. Just be sure the logs you choose are big enough for your particular betta, as you don’t want them to get stuck inside. 

Sinking Logs 

Sinking logs are similar to floating logs, but they sit at the surface of tanks rather than floating through the water. Aquarium logs of any kind also make preferred spots for bettas to sleep in when they need to conserve energy for their next play session. 

Betta Hammocks 

Bettas enjoy lounging so much that there are even hammocks made specifically for them. Bettas can swim around them when they’re feeling adventurous, but they also like laying in them and taking a nap. They will typically attach to the side of an aquarium, so you can place them anywhere you’d like. 


Caves are popular aquarium decorations, so much so that they come in a variety of designs. Appropriately-sized caves are perfect for bettas to swim in and out of but also offer some refuge when they’re tired. Just be sure to select an option that isn’t made with toxic materials and has big enough entry points for your betta. 

Live Treats 

Since bettas are carnivores, they like the thrill of the hunt. Since pellet foods aren’t very stimulating for them, putting some live treats like bloodworms, daphnia, or shrimp brine in your betta’s tank allows them to exercise those natural instincts. 

If the thought of seeing your betta eat live treats makes you uncomfortable, you can mix it up with some freeze-dried versions of their favorite treats. 

Do Bettas Like Toys In Their Tanks? 

Toys can add some cheer and excitement to a betta’s tank. You’ll notice a positive difference in your betta’s vibrancy and temperament when you make an effort to give them toys to play with. Toys also allow you to interact with your betta in a very rewarding way. 

Wondering why your female betta is full of eggs?

Betta Training Kit 

Betta training kits offer various tools to help you interact with your betta. Believe it or not, betta fish can actually learn tricks, and you can help them with this. Training kits will usually come with a few enjoyable items and instructions for how to train your betta. 

Ping Pong Balls 

Small, lightweight ping pong balls that are clean – but not cleaned with chemicals – make for ample excitement for your betta. Bettas like to push these balls around and pretend that they’re prey for them to hunt and ambush. 


Hoops are amusing items for betta tanks. Bettas like to swim through them, and you can even train them to swim through hoops if you reward them with some tasty treats. 

Tunnel Toys 

Betta fish really like having things to swim around and through. Tunnel toys remind bettas of how their natural habitats used to be set up organically, giving them plenty of terrain and interesting areas to explore. 

Betta Shipwrecks

Betta shipwrecks are very cute aquatic decorations that are designed with a betta’s preferences in mind. They will look like little pirate ships and will usually have a soft surface to sleep on and tunnels to swim through. 

Do Betta Fish Like Tank Decorations? 

Tank decorations can help to round out the overall atmosphere of a betta tank. You can create an entire adventureland that will keep bettas endlessly entertained. Since bettas tend to be fairly solitary fish, creating an environment filled with things to do is beneficial. 


While mirrors are pretty, and so are bettas, putting a small aquarium-safe mirror in their tank not only serves an ornamental purpose. Bettas will swim around and observe the mirror in an effort to defend themselves from the “other” betta, which is entertaining for them and for you to watch. 

That said, the mirror should be removed after they’ve finished playing with it, so they don’t get overwhelmed. 

Smooth Rocks 

Rocks are part of a betta’s natural environment, so using some small rocks in their aquarium can help make their tank feel more like home. Rocks can also be used to keep aquatic plants in place. It’s crucial that rocks are kept sturdy in place, so they aren’t able to float up and potentially harm your betta. 

Artificial Decorations

There are so many types of artificial decorations that mimic items you may have in your home and so much more to create a colorful, invigorating atmosphere for your betta to love. These are made with non-toxic materials that are safe for water. 

Fish Houses 

A fish house will give your betta another place to sleep or relax away from other fish. These can be found in several different designs and aesthetics to match your tastes and your betta’s taste as well. 

Ceramic Jar Decorations 

Ceramic jar decorations aren’t just aesthetically pleasing for you. These jars allow for your betta to hide away and rest inside them, but they can also be fun for them to swim through. 

Can You Put Anything With A Betta Fish?

Bettas need a variety of things in their tank to keep them happy and active. As mentioned, you have plenty of options between greenery, toys, and decorations, so long as you choose carefully so your betta can’t get injured during playtime. 

When setting up your betta tank, put the tallest items, especially plants, at the back of the tank. This way, you’ll have clear visibility of the entire tank and what’s occurring inside of it. 

It’s recommended to change the layout of your betta’s tank occasionally. This could include adding a couple of new trinkets or plants to replace older ones or just simply moving things around. This creates a brand new adventure for your betta, keeping them entertained and happy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

It’s evident that you can’t just place a betta into any regular tank and leave them to their own devices. Setting up a home for betta fish requires some planning and forethought. 

How Big Should A Betta Tank Be?

Your betta tank is not only going to have to account for your betta but the items that accompany the betta in the tank. It is highly recommended that you have a tank that is no smaller than five gallons. Your best bet is to go bigger rather than smaller. 

What Tank Accessories Do Betta Fish Like?

Outside of their plants and toys, bettas benefit from a very gentle filter in their tank to keep the water clean. Heaters can also help keep their tanks at a suitable, warm temperature. These fish also enjoy a smooth, soft substrate at the bottom of their tank. Anything too sharp or large can scratch their delicate fins. LED lights are also recommended so you can control their strength. 

What Other Fish Do Bettas Like In Their Tank?

While it could be tempting to have a tank full of bettas, this is highly discouraged as bettas tend not to like each other very much. You should also avoid putting other fish in a betta tank unless it’s substantial in size. 

Some fish that can live in harmony with bettas include cory catfish, snails, ghost shrimp, ember tetras, and African dwarf frogs. 


You can get very creative with your betta’s tank by combining some of the various toys, plants, and decorations that bettas are known to love. Keep in mind that they should have ample opportunity for playing, exercise, and sleeping, and they should have ample room to swim back and forth and around various items in their tanks. 

In this regard, you’re setting your betta up for an incredible life that is as cheerful and merry as it can be. Tank life can be as wonderful or as boring for your betta as you make it. Make it a priority to create the best atmosphere for your betta, and they’ll reward you with plenty of jubilant behavior to watch for years.